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Digestibility drives yogurt consumption in China

Dairy demand in China is growing and, after milk and flavored milk drinks, it’s yogurt leading this growth. While demand for yogurt has increased around the world over the past three years, it is China where consumption of yogurt outstrips other markets, with 67% of consumers eating more yogurt than 3 years ago1.

A consumer survey conducted by DSM delves into the reasons for rising yogurt consumption in China and provides new insights into how health-conscious, lactose-intolerant Chinese consumers are embracing this dairy food, particularly for its gut health benefits and added probiotics. Improving digestibility would result in further increases in yogurt consumption.

For yogurt manufacturers seeking to maximize this opportunity in China, it is becoming increasingly clear that understanding the importance these consumers’ place on gut health, digestibility and lactose-free dairy is vital.

Download this content paper and gain insights into what drives Chinese consumers and get inspiration to unlock the potential of the growing Chinese yogurt market.

Infographic - Digestibility drives yogurt consumption in China

1 Results based on an international consumer survey conducted in China, Brazil, Turkey, US, Poland and France