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Reduce acrylamide in food with PreventASe®

Are you feeling the heat on acrylamide?

Acrylamide is a hotter topic than ever right now. The EU recently imposed benchmark levels in food products due to health concerns. Meanwhile in the United States this potentially harmful substance is gaining increasing attention. So if you’d like to know how to reduce acrylamide in food products by up to 95%, read on. And if you want to know what consumers really think about acrylamide click here.

Snacks with reduced acrylamide levels

PreventASe®, a proven solution for reducing acrylamide

PreventASe® from DSM reduces acrylamide levels in processed food by up to 95% foods (depending on the application) - with no effect on the taste, texture or appearance of your product. It’s easy and cost-effective. You just add PreventASe® to bread, biscuits and breakfast cereals during production. It really is that simple.

It’s another example of how we strive to do the right thing for consumers by providing healthy, safe and attractive food for all.

How does PreventASe® work?

PreventASe® is an asparaginase enzyme that can be easily applied to many food products. This special class of enzymes works by converting the free asparagine found in food into aspartic acid - thus preventing acrylamide from being formed.

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The PreventASe® range offers manufacturers:

  • Reduction of acrylamide levels by up to 95% (depending on the application).
  • Ease in use – with no significant effect on recipes, taste, texture or appearance – simply add during production.
  • No labeling required
  • Applicable in a wide range of processed foods like bread and biscuits, crackers, breakfast cereals, and various snacks.

Supported by DSM’s application experts, wherever you are.

DSM offers PreventASe® and PreventASe® XR, to cover the broadest spectrum of applications. PreventASe® is suitable for a broad range of applications; while PreventASe® XR has been specially developed for use in higher-pH applications.

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