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Maxilact for lactose free dairy production

Maxilact® is our neutral lactase enzyme that helps you produce lactose free dairy products that taste great. Not only does Maxilact®  meet the needs of lactose intolerant customers worldwide; its natural sweetness enables you to achieve sugar reduction in all dairy products by up to 20% – which benefits everyone.
Maxilact® Lactase enzymes help consumers enjoy the benefits of dairy

Lactose intolerance isn’t a new problem: In fact our market leadership is based on 50 years’ experience, during which time we’ve become the primary producer of lactase worldwide. For example, our scientists have found a way to remove the impurities which cause off-flavor from lactase – which in turn has proven to significantly improve the quality of lactose free products.

But the benefits don’t end here. Maxilact® also drives sweetness enhancement in dairy products, boosting taste without adding calories. 



So how can Maxilact® help you? 

  • Allows you to produce lactose-free products across the entire dairy portfolio
  • Provides clean taste
  • reduces sugar in dairy products like flavored milks and sugared yoghurts by up to 20%
  • Also reduces sugar in dairy by up to 30% when paired with natural sweeteners, and 50% when used with stevia
  • Prevents crystallization
  • Quality for life®: We ensure quality and consistency by being in full control of the value chain and control mechanisms
  • Is supported by 50 years of technical lactase expertise and production. 




Analyze residual lactose in dairy

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Maxilact® Smart

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