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DSM in Food, Beverages & Dietary Supplements

Get more from your cheese, naturally

The cheeses that tickle the palette best are the ones that have ripened to perfection. If you’re a hard or semi-hard cheese manufacturer who uses mould and yeast treatments in their cheese production, this can be quite a challenge. Conventional coating solutions can be labour intensive or may not result in the desired homogeneous quality or the clean label that is preferred by consumers. But there’s a game changing, innovative alternative.

Pack-Age® is a high tech packaging solution for naturally ripening cheese. This remarkable solution envelops the cheese with a moisture permeable, breathable membrane that allows the cheese to ripen naturally, but without the risk of mould and yeast growth.

The result is a higher quality and value of the cheese because of the homogeneous drying.

What’s more, because Pack-Age®  eliminates the crust removal process, less cheese is lost, less production time is needed and a higher yield is achieved with the use of less material. Ticking all the boxes in sustainability benefits.


  • Natural ripening, no coating needed
  • Clean label opportunities
  • Improved quality by more consistent drying through cross-section and dry rind
  • Improved yield with less moisture loss, no cutting loss and less labor
  • More sustainable with a reduced carbon footprint of 10%


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