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Yeast extracts: All natural savory taste makers

Yeast extracts are all-natural ingredients derived from fresh yeast. In fact the same type of yeast that is used for bread, wine and beer. Quite simply, in the world of culinary creations yeast extracts will help you deliver delicious taste.  
Yeast extracts applicable to various foods

Not only do our yeast extracts add taste, they also bring out the best in existing flavors and balance the overall flavor profile. You can choose from a broad range of yeast extracts - each one with a specific functionality or benefit. The result: You’re able to pick and choose the culinary building blocks that best fit your own recipe – and appeal to consumers.

These products are all natural, safe and cost effective. In fact, because our products are so highly concentrated you only need very small quantities (less than 1%) to get results.


Savory noodles thumb


Natural ingredient to bring out savory taste and flavor.

cost reduction


Rich savory and umami flavor plus salt reduction.

Savory gistex


Build savory taste foundation without specific flavour notes.