Top quality bread with enzymes

Panamore® improves bread quality and reduces costs by 70%

Panamore® unlocks more consistent bread quality – in the form of bread with a wonderfully soft, bouncy texture, high oven spring and improved crust appearance.

You can use Panamore® for dough strengthening at lower dosages than traditional ingredients, improving dough tolerance for easier handling and producing a higher quality loaf – at reduced cost. In fact, Panamore® allows for a 70% cost reduction. 

Our Panamore® family is also extremely versatile. It’s compatible with all types of flour, whatever your bread variety or processing method. Furthermore, by using our enzymes instead of ingredients like DATEM you can reduce your carbon footprint by 90%.

Cost saving

Allows for 70% cost reduction.


Increases bread quality, creating a softer, ‘just baked’ feel.


Compatible with all flour types and processing methods.


Keeps bread fresh longer.


Reduces carbon footprint up to 90%.

Panamore® Spring

Lipase for SSL and CSL replacement. Improves dough tolerance, baking performance, crumb structure and crumb softness.

Panamore® Golden

Lipase for DATEM replacement. Improves dough tolerance, baking performance, volume, crust opening and overall appearance.

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