Reduce acrylamide levels by up to 95%

Safer baked goods with PreventASe®

Acrylamide is a hotter topic than ever right now. The EU recently imposed benchmark levels in food products due to health concerns. Meanwhile in the United States this potentially harmful substance is gaining increasing attention in the media. 

PreventASe® from DSM reduces acrylamide levels in processed food by up to 95% (depending on the application) with no effect on the taste, texture or appearance of the product. It’s an easy to use and cost-effective product.  Just add PreventASe® to bread, biscuits and breakfast cereals during production. 

As we aim to enable better food for everyone, we have used our extensive experience of the baking industry, product knowledge and consumer & customer insights to develop PreventAse®, the answer to acrylamide challenges in baked goods. 

Ready to bring down acrylamide levels in baked goods applications?

Technical Paper: Effectively reducing acrylamide by maximizing enzymatic activity of asparaginase

Consumers, manufacturers and the media, alike, are increasingly focused on food safety and incidents receive intense media attention. The formation of acrylamide in a variety of processed foods is part of this attention and a growing health concern. But how can manufacturers reduce acrylamide in foods like snacks, cookies, and infant nutrition? Read our technical paper to find out.


Reduces acrylamide levels by up to 95%

Taste & texture

Has no impact on taste, texture or appearance

No label required

As a processing aid, no labelling is required

Easy to use

Simply add during production


Can be added to a wide range of processed foods

How does PreventASe® work?

PreventASe® is a baking enzyme that can be easily applied to many food products. This special class of enzymes works by converting specific amino acids found in food into aspartic acid - thus preventing acrylamide from being formed.



PreventASe® is suitable for a broad range of applications.

PreventASe® XR

PreventASe® XR has been specially developed for use in higher-pH applications.

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