Brewers TasteZyme™ G

Improve the taste of non-alcoholic beer

Boost the flavor, not your CAPEX

Non-alcoholic beer that competes with regular beer on taste—without the need for additional CAPEX? It’s possible with Brewers TasteZyme™ G, the first classical enzyme of its kind which improves the freshness and flavor of non-alcoholic beers without changing your brewing process.

Designed to be used with biological methods of brewing low- and no-alcohol beers, Brewers TasteZyme™ G converts glucose (responsible for an overly sweet taste) to gluconic acid (which has a sour taste) for a better flavor balance. It also prevents oxidation during mashing, resulting in a fresher taste, all with no negative impact on the final product or changes to your label. And all that can be achieved without increasing your CAPEX.

Do you want to learn more how to make better-tasting NAB… while controlling costs? Check out the Brewers TasteZymeTM G white paper by clicking on the button above.

Finally, a non-alcoholic beer with all the enjoyment of your regular brew. We’ll drink to that!

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Keep the flavor, hold the alcohol

Consumers have grown increasingly mindful of their health and wellness, leading many to seek out better-for-you options to fill their glasses. Among these, alcohol-free beer (NAB) is an increasingly appealing choice for many consumers.

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