Pack-Age®: the natural cheese-ripening membrane solution

Boost your cheese yield today

Pack-Age® is our natural ripening solution for hard and semi-hard (and round) cheese that protects your product and boosts cheese yield.

Thanks to its unique breathable membrane, Pack-Age® enables hard and semi-hard cheeses to develop the great taste and texture of a naturally ripened cheese - while protecting them against mold during the ripening process.

It does all this while reducing wastage and improving your production efficiency. In fact, Pack-Age® can help you get up to 10% more from your cheese through a combination of no cut-off waste (up to 7% with a traditional PVA coating) and up to 3% less moisture loss.

And if you produce round cheese, our Pack-Age® Diamond wraps tightly around your product with no ‘ears’ - reducing vacuum failures and cutting your vacuum time by 20-50%.

No matter what your cheese type, our Pack-Age® portfolio is preservative-free and sustainable. In fact, if all the world’s Gouda and Parmesan cheese was ripened using Pack-Age®, some 200,000 tonnes of cheese would be saved every year – with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 6.2 million tonnes.

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The Pack-Age® product range


Pack-Age® is a high-tech packaging solution for naturally ripening cheese.

Pack-Age® Diamond

Now you can naturally ripen and protect round cheeses from mold with this innovative membrane solution. It wraps tightly around the cheese with no ‘ears’, thus reducing vacuum failures and vacuum time - and all with a more appetizing aesthetic.


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