Helping improve the sustainability of pet food

Balanced nutrition and quality ingredients improve the health of our pets and our planet.

There are more than 844 million pet dogs and cats on the planet.1 The environmental impact of all these animals is equivalent to the emissions from 13.5 million cars.

While the environmental impacts of a smaller animal may seem less than a larger animal in an agricultural setting, the sheer numbers add up to sizable carbon emissions. We’re working to reduce their collective carbon footprint in a way that is both attainable and sustainable.

Our pet nutrition and health expertise is helping reduce the environmental footprint.

We’re helping to create resource-efficient food production that offers better animal health through highly nutritious ingredients that minimize waste. As the sole manufacturer that produces 11 of the 13 essential vitamins that sustain our beloved family members, we’ve made a commitment to sustainably source our own ingredients and proteins for more eco-friendly dog and cat food. This helps improve the health of the whole pet food supply chain, from the ground to the gut.

Because of these pet food sustainability initiatives, DSM has been recognized as a Positive Impact Program partner by the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). This program recognizes those whose work makes a positive impact on people, pets and the planet.

Quality practices make a quantifiable difference.

Our recent investments in a state-of-the-art production line, improved food safety standards and transparent traceability aren’t only a sign of our commitment to quality — they also demonstrate our dedication to sustainability. 

High-quality ingredients mean more nutrients are absorbed and less is turned to waste. This helps keep our pets at their healthiest. And our planet, too.

Environmentally-friendly pet food starts with balanced nutrition.

The DSM Optimum Vitamin Nutrition solutions support optimal nutrition benefiting the immune system, healthy weight and life-time well being. High-quality vitamins promote optimal nutrient absorption through nutrient dense diets, minimizing pets’ waste.

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Published on

06 September 2022


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