The unique sugar processing enzyme

Boost your product quality and sustainability

With our market-leading Maxinvert® enzyme-based solution you can be assured of a non-chemical alternative to sugar inversion of sucrose into glucose and fructose. It’s a proven and easy way to boost the quality of sugar processing while also benefiting the health of people and the planet. Enjoy it all. 

Maxinvert® is a type of enzyme known as a beta-fructofuranosidase. It comes in both liquid and micro-granule forms, and unlike chemical-based sugar inversion solutions it doesn’t need harsh conditions, like high temperature. This in turn eliminates the formation of unwanted by products like HMF (hydroxylmethylfurfural).

And while, you may not be an enzyme expert, our experienced global team of specialists most certainly are. They can work with you on-site to ensure that you get the very most from your sugar, whatever the application. Increasingly, we see that sustainability and efficiency go hand in-hand-hand in sugar processing. Why not find out how?

Formulation Product Standardized activity
Liquid Maxinvert® L 2400 2,400 SU/mL
  Maxinvert® L 10000 10,000 SU/mL
  Maxinvert® L 15000 15,000 SU/mL
Micro-granulate Maxinvert® 200000 MG 200,000 SU/g

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