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From degumming to refining to lecithin modification, our Purifine® oil processing solutions enable you to get more from your vegetable oils and biodiesel, supported all the way by our experts who understand your raw materials and processes – and how to use enzymes to optimize them for your specific environment. 

Our proven family of Purifine® enzymes work as catalysts to break phospholipids into water-soluble and oil-soluble fragments, forming oil as well as breaking the emulsion formation, making the separation between gum and oil phase more efficient.

As a result, you can increase yield, reduce costs and mitigate against raw material inconsistency – all while lowering your carbon footprint with less waste and energy use. Enjoy it all.

Meet the award-winning Purifine® LM - for smarter lecithin modification

On 25 August 2022 our Purfine® LM lecithin modification enzyme formally received The Ringier Technology Innovation Award at a ceremony in Guangzhou for its contribution to the Chinese food & beverage industry. But this unique solution isn’t just for China. It benefits every soya lecithin manufacturer striving to improve output whilst reducing costs (and footprint). We want you all to enjoy it all – and here’s how.

Purifine® LM is an extremely efficient way to produce a high-performance, high-value lysolecithin product. This unique solution achieves this at higher temperatures (between 75-80°C); meaning reaction times are also reduced.  Because Purifine® LM is specific in its activity, it will only produce lysolecithin - with no high-value product losses through over-hydrolysis and glycerophosphate formation.

This in turn means that you can maximize your yield while controlling the relative degree of hydrolysis. Crucially, its great compatibility enables the product to be directly used in the water degumming process, achieving less oil loss in the gum as well as a deep modification in a controlled manner. For vegetable (e.g. soy, sunflower)  lecithin manufacturers everywhere it means superior control, fast optimization, high efficiency – and a carbon footprint reduction of one-third. No wonder the jury reported that they were impressed by the 3 benefits of Purifine LM: increased the oil yield by up to 2%, reduced saponin production, and reduced CO2 levels.

Speaking about the award, Joe Zhou, President of DSM China, said, "It is an inspiration and motivation for our expert team that DSM has won The Ringier Technology Innovation Award in recognition of our diverse and innovative technologies. As a global purpose-led science leader in Health, Nutrition & Bioscience, DSM will continue striving to play its part in making a positive difference and creating a better life for everyone in the world. Enjoy it all!"

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The Purifine product range

Purifine® 3G

This enzyme blend boosts oil yield in the degumming process by up to 2% while reducing oil content in gum to as little as 5%.

Purifine® LM

This unique thermostable phospholipase A2 enzyme converts lecithin into lysolecithin in a controlled way.

Purifine® PLA1 

Our aggressive (lyso)phospholipase A1 enzyme that hydrolyzes all phospholipids in the physical refining of almost all seed oil types - reducing oil loss during refining and eliminating soapstock formation.

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