Taste ingredients to meet consumer demand for clean label products

MaxaGourmet™ next generation solutions for clean label, savory taste enrichment

MaxaGourmet™ is a new range of next generation clean label taste ingredients — developed using foodstuffs that consumers are familiar with, such as herbs and vegetables — that naturally enrich premium quality savory foods by providing distinctive flavor notes and adding taste complexity. Inspired by popular cuisines and the flavors created through sautéing, simmering or slow cooking food, MaxaGourmet™ is available in three culinary taste directions — Continental, Mediterranean and Oriental. It helps to create great tasting soups, sauces, seasonings and plant-based meat alternatives that appeal to consumers. 

On-trend, the products in the MaxaGourmet™ range are all clean label solutions that will cater to the needs of savory food producers, flavor houses and seasoning producers, who are looking to tap into the rising consumer demand for more natural savory products with authentic, exciting taste profiles and short, easily recognizable ingredients lists.

The MaxaGourmet™ portfolio was designed by DSM’s taste application experts, using their culinary knowledge and expertise — in combination with DSM’s proprietary process technology — to create a range of balanced, homogeneous ingredients for use in a wide variety of savory food products that create a strong appeal for consumers worldwide.

MaxaGourmet™ — Discover the new taste of clean label!

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Our team of savory experts is committed to building truly collaborative partnerships with our customers, with a focus on delivering innovative, agile, audience-relevant solutions.

From idea to product launch, we are here to help you develop the right savory products that are on-trend and appeal to consumers, while also meeting your operational needs.

Get started right away and experience the added value that our flavor ingredients, combined with our expertise, will have for you!

The MaxaGourmet™ product range

MaxaGourmet™ Continental

Fits well with the traditional European and North American cuisine,

  • Donates a roasted onion and vegetable profile with meaty impression
  • Brings a sautéed or roasted flavor to savory dishes such as soups, sauces and meat alternatives
MaxaGourmet™ Mediterranean

Fits well with the traditional Mediterranean cuisine,

  • Donates a cooked tomato, onion, herbal profile with sweet, caramelized character
  • Donates a cooked tomato, onion, herbal profile with sweet, caramelized character
MaxaGourmet™ Oriental

Fits well with the Asian Oriental and Indian cuisine,

  • Donates a gently roasted spicy, ginger, onion profile
  • Improves spicy taste directions, lifting overall flavor impact and roundness, while increasing notes in dip and wok sauces, as well as in curry's and oriental soups

MaxaGourmet™ Discover the new taste of clean label

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