Builds unique savory & umami taste

Multirome® powerful rich indulgent savory & umami flavor

Multirome® is a perfect combination of rich indulgent savory, umami flavor in one power-packed product. It’s a savory cornerstone that helps you build unique and specific taste directions in finished applications, all while reducing costs. This concentrated savory ingredient provides the same great flavor at much lower dosages than basic yeast extracts, with quality you can trust. 

Multirome® range – for all your savory applications
Multirome® is a 100% natural ingredient extracted from primary grown baker’s yeast. Multirome® is highly versatile thanks to its neutral odor impact, complex mouthfeel and concentrated taste contribution. Multirome® yeast extracts can be used in a broad range of applications such as soups, chips, dressings, instant noodle soup and many more. For many applications such as meat patties, cheese sauces and dressings, Multirome® additionally delivers juiciness and fattiness while at the same time promoting a lingering, flavor extending taste quality. 

Multirome® LS – for low sodium applications
After a successful launch of Multirome® and in response to increasing customer demand for healthy ingredients, Multirome® is also available as a low-sodium version. Multirome® LS lets you create the same longlasting taste impact and contribution with the additional benefit of containing lower levels of salt than Multirome®. 

What's more, Multirome® uses the entire yeast cell with no waste allowing you to use less raw materials and reduce your carbon footprint.

Multirome® - Do More With Less!

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The Multirome® product range


Delivers natural rich taste and fatty mouthfeel, distinct and rich umami taste, source of naturally occuring 5’-GMP and 5’-IMP.

Multirome® LS

Delivers natural rich taste and fatty mouthfeel, distinct and rich umami taste, source of naturally occuring 5’-GMP and 5’-IMP.


DSM’s specialty yeast extracts for building rich, longer lingering taste and umami contribution

Yeast extracts have traditionally been used for their meaty bouillon taste derived from their amino acid and peptide complex. Our technological capabilities have enabled us to produce specialty yeast extracts, rich in natural glutamate and nucleotides. The synergistic effect between these components and their interaction with the other amino acids and peptides results in great tasting products. More and more customers are choosing yeast extracts as the source for pure savory taste, strong umami sensation and  building rich, longer lingering natural taste.

Control costs without compromising on taste with Multirome®

The Multirome ®range of yeast extracts is extremely cost-effective, with no compromise on taste. Derived from primary baker’s yeast, both Multirome® and Multirome® LS are highly concentrated and only require half of the dose compared with other basic yeast extracts. As with all our yeast extracts, the Multirome® range is 100% natural, Kosher and Halal certified and contains no allergens, making it the ideal savory cornerstone for all your recipes.

Unrivalled customer support for Multirome® applications

Our savory ingredients experts are committed to helping the development of flavor ingredients that inspire the creation of innovative products that address also the operational and commercial concerns of food manufacturers. Together with our experts, we can help you optimize your own culinary creations, reduce your dependency on raw materials, and increase your efficiency – all at a lower cost.

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