Award-winning technology takes freshness to a new level

Behind every great bakery product is flour, water . . . and some innovation for good measure.

At DSM, we know that helping bakeries and bread improvers deliver high quality and consistently delicious products requires on-trend innovations that can ensure the freshness consumers are after. Our BakeZyme® Fresh XL and BakeZyme® Master baking enzymes were the recent recipients of the prestigious Ringier Technology Innovation Award 2020 in the category of Food & Beverage Ingredients. As one of the most influential industry awards in China, this recognition is a source of pride for DSM’s baking team, and especially our technical and application experts and dedicated scientists. It’s also valued by industrial bakers looking to solve their freshness challenges without compromising on the softness and resilience of their bread. 

Redefining fresh with premium maltogenic amylases

DSM’s BakeZyme® solutions are designed to help bread producers rise above the freshness challenges that can make or break consumer choices. There’s a lot demanded of a humble loaf of bread in today’s market: softness, resilience, moistness (that never goes gummy) and yes, freshness that can last for days (when needed). BakeZyme® Fresh XL is an innovative maltogenic amylase for industrial bread producers looking to improve bread’s textural shelf life – creating softness that lasts longer. Adding Fresh XL can help producers significantly improve the moistness and resilience in on-the-go baked goods and in refrigerated applications, as well. 

As a premium maltogenic amylase, BakeZyme® Master takes freshness even further. It helps bakers produce bread with supreme resilience, delayed staling and extra softness during shelf life. BakeZyme Master’s sensory benefits have been proven to show that, even after several days, bread is moister and has a softer crumb. This solution is particularly exciting for producers of ‘foldable’ baked goods like tortillas and wraps, as the improved resilience resists cracking. 

Delayed staling means less waste, better use of resources and satisfied consumers – a win-win-win.


Innovation that’s good for the planet

These benefits can help producers create great-tasting bread products that win consumers over. But since innovation at DSM is always rooted in sustainability, our enzyme portfolio brings benefits for the planet as well. Food waste is a recognized issue in the baking industry, and our BakeZyme® solutions are helping to tackle food loss by improving bread’s properties during longer shelf life. 

DSM’s team of baking experts – the bright minds behind our award-winning BakeZyme® solutions – aims to be a trusted partner for customers looking to solve their freshness challenges. Working together, we can harness innovation to create bread products that taste delicious and have broad consumer appeal.  

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Published on

30 September 2020