Expert podcast: how to boost nutritional value of baked goods with Omega-3

Bakery and Snack Chat Podcast: How bakers can differentiate their products by meeting trending consumer health concerns

Familiar ingredients, great flavor, sound nutrition: people expect their everyday foods, including their favorite bakery products, to check a lot of boxes. What’s more, there’s an acute focus at the moment on maintaining wellness and fending off sickness. These forces are motivating consumers to seek out foods that are not only nutritious but also deliver added health benefits.

Listen to the latest expert podcast of Bakery and Snacks and find out how to enhance the nutritional value of bakery varieties and create on-trend, nutritious products that continually meet consumer expectations.

Source: How bakers can differentiate their products by meeting trending consumer health concerns by Gill Hyslop, Bakery and Snacks.

Gill Hyslop, Editor, Bakery and Snacks

Judith van Peij, Innovation Manager, DSM Food Specialities Baking

Caroline van Benschop, Product Application Expert, DSM Food Specialities.

What types of fortifications can snack and bakery companies use? And why should they use it?

Fortifying baked goods with superstar ingredients can help producers support consumer health, while differentiating their products. Our wide range of functional ingredients and solutions in baking has expanded to include MEG-3® and life's™ OMEGA, a portfolio of clinically proven marine-based natural Omega-3 products for use in foods such as bagels, bread and tortillas. It includes both EPA and DHA to deliver the brain, eye and heart health benefits that are important to consumers, and it is rigorously tested to conform to global quality and purity standards.

Right now you can find products with MEG-3® in over 40 countries, and counting. The ideal applications for MEG-3® in bread and bakery products include fresh white and whole wheat breads and rolls (plus parbaked and frozen varieties as well), bagels and tortillas – mainly products with a short shelf life to ensure freshness. Here, DSM’s technical application experts are well-equipped to advise on how to incorporate MEG-3® effectively to ensure the best possible application result.

Download Omega-3 recipes for wholegrain bread and frozen flour waffles

MEG-3® is the most trusted source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA which delivers high-quality, pure and sustainably sourced Omega-3 fatty acids. Easy to use, MEG-3® powder can simply be added to your dry ingredients for bread and bakery products, fortifying them with high-quality Omega-3 and boosting nutrition.

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