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Confectionery without compromises: How we’re hitting the ‘sweet spot’

‘Healthy indulgence’ is a phrase that we’re increasingly seeing used in the food & beverage segment, especially in confectionery.

The idea is simple, of course. We all deserve to spoil ourselves every now and again; but preferably not in a way that compromises our health and wellbeing. In fact, 66% of global consumers now say that they are looking for ‘healthy indulgent’ options.1 But delivering healthy indulgence in confectionery is not an easy job.

Ultimately, consumers want to enjoy it all. Which is why at DSM we have stepped up our focus on this segment; and specifically, how we can combine our existing ingredients, solutions and expertise to support manufacturers in hitting the ‘sweet spot’.

Having set our experts to work - almost like kids in a candy store, in fact - we identified three key application areas: baking confectionery, sugar confectionery, and jam. In each case, DSM can help manufacturers create products with outstanding taste, texture and health benefits by drawing on a broad portfolio of natural and sustainably produced ingredients. Here’s a taste of how.

A new staple for bake-stable fillings

We know that one tried-and-tested way for bakeries to make products that standout is to add a little extra – in the form of fruit fillings (for example in cake and cookies). Ensuring that the fruit filling remains heat-stable – and thus keeps its firm and appetizing appearance and mouthfeel – remains a challenge. But DSM can make this easier for bakeries to achieve by using our firming hydrocolloids (like gellan gum and pectin) to retain a firm, natural texture and pleasant mouthfeel - even at high temperatures. Our solutions even extend to post-bake fruit fillings - used in doughnuts, for example, to improve processability.

Holding it together in jam

Of course, heat-stable fruit isn’t the only filling used in baked goods. Jam manufacturers face similar challenges, and this is where our pectin is an ideal gelling agent – especially due to the fact that, being a natural ingredient, it’s viewed positively. As one of the world’s biggest pectin producers, we’re well placed at DSM to help here, with an expert application team on-hand to support jam manufacturers through the entire process of choosing the right type and grade of pectin (based on formulation requirements and product characteristics).

Yummie gummies

Looking beyond baking, we know that candy treats like gummies need to look, feel and taste…like treats. But how can manufacturers achieve this in a better way? This is another application area where our natural, plant-based ingredients like pectin can offer differentiating texture and mouthfeel variations. Added to this, we can help manufacturers introduce playful and appealing colors with our proven portfolio of non-artificial colorants; as well as bringing extra health benefits to treats using the market’s broadest portfolio of vitamins.

And much more…

The options for enhancing and customizing your products don’t end here. For example, our enzyme solutions can bring value to baked goods and confectionery in all kinds of ways. Looking to preserve the perfect texture of invert sugar-based treats? Try Maxinvert®. Are you striving to safeguard consumers’ health by reducing excess acrylamide formation in your cookies and biscuits? Look no further than Preventase®.

Ultimately, there are more consumers than ever wanting to enjoy healthy indulgence. At DSM, we are dedicated to developing and refining our many solutions to help manufacturers achieve just that. We want you and your customers to enjoy it all.

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Published on

03 April 2023

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