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Why wait until 2027 to go real-red with your candy?

It’s official: The United States has been put on ‘red alert’ regarding the use of artificial colorants in foods; specifically, the red dye 3 used in fruit juices, cookies and of course…candy products.

Within the state of California, red dye 3 is set to be prohibited in all foods by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), with consumer advocacy groups such as the Center for Science in the Public Interest and the Consumer Federation of America already pressing for a nationwide ban.

The good news for manufacturers serving the Golden State? They have until 2027 to make the transition to alternative ingredients. The even better news? Safer, more healthy colorants already exist for North American confectionery manufacturers – and have already been used successfully by many dsm-firmenich customers, not least in gummies. So, what’s the story?

Yummy real-red gummy

It’s often said in the candy industry that color and flavor are intrinsically linked. Vibrant, appetizing color is what triggers the tastebuds, with color perception driving flavor expectation. Therefore, coloration solutions absolutely cannot compromise the delicious taste that gummy fans love. 

We also know that gummy lovers old and young are increasingly searching for healthier indulgence. In the same way that color and flavor go hand-in-hand, so too do the terms ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’. For the past 20 years, dsm-firmenich has developed a family of natural colorants that deliver on all these functional benefits. 

Be good to yourself, with beta-carotene

Called carotenoids, our colorants are natural pigments that our experts use to create a whole palette of 100% natural, real-red colors: from deep red, to bright scarlet to glistening orange-red – and all with no ringing, creaming up, or color fading over time Furthermore, we achieve all this with no use of formulation ingredients like polysorbates; in other words, a candy ingredient that is both easy to work with and actually good for you

Bottom-line benefits

Importantly, for manufacturers, dsm-firmenich colorants are good for their business too. All the colorant solutions in our portfolio are produced via highly advanced and sustainable processes (either through synthesis or fermentation). Available in dust-free powder or liquid form, they are easy to handle and can be incorporated into today’s gummy recipes quickly and efficiently with no re-formulation needed – for an affordable cost-in-use.  

For gummy manufacturers, this is a proven solution that really hits the sweet spot for consumers, regulators, the planet - and the bottom line. So why wait until 2027 to go real-red?

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04 March 2024

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