Behind the scenes with Team DSM

After winning multiple stages in the 2020 Tour de France and dominating the podium of the Giro d’Italia, one of road cycling’s most exciting young teams, Team Sunweb, became Team DSM in 2021.

This is the next step after five years of close collaboration, where DSM’s science-based innovation and expertise have been applied inside and out to help the athletes reach new high standards of performance and be the best that they can be in one of sports’ most demanding disciplines.

Fueling the optimum performance for Team DSM: Taste Texture and Health solutions for athletes

To fuel their performance, top athletes need optimum nutrition. Without it, it’s an uphill climb to stay energized and focused. That’s why DSM in Food & Beverage is thrilled to partner with TEAM DSM to share our sustainable solutions that embody taste, texture and health – no need to choose.

These riders rely on carefully planned diets that feature an optimized level of micro- and macronutrients in their food and beverages – fuel for long training days and Grand Tours alike. And while sound nutrition is vital, these riders tell us that the taste and texture of their food and drink really matters. Options that are delicious, inviting and even surprising deliver benefits that go beyond functional. This variety can introduce new foods and flavors and cater to personal preferences or requirements, such as eating lactose-free, gluten-free or vegan, that are important to the riders.

Here, Team DSM athletes share their views from the bike on what fuels each mile and satisfies their cravings.

Discussing Food and Beverage Solutions with TEAM DSM


Why lactose free products are an important aspect for some TEAM DSM riders


Plant based dairy and meat alternative products are popular at TEAM DSM


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Published on
28 April 2022

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