The craft movement: Looking to create an authentic local cheese?

I love tasting a unique, authentic, regional cheese. It appears I am not alone!

Globally, there seems to be no slowing down of consumer demand for authentic, regional products with a unique, premium taste. Think of Skyr and Greek yogurt, hummus, pita bread, quinoa, kefir, tofu, sushi and many more. Cheese is no exception, with millions of consumers – just like me – increasingly requesting unique, differentiated cheese types from around the world.

Cheese: globally loved!

Cheese is hugely engrained in the culture and traditional food of many countries. Its healthy perception, highly nutritious profile and the growing availability of cheese snacks for on-the-go consumption are responsible for the positive performance of the category. Between 2013 and 2018, cheese delivered healthy absolute growth of $4 billion globally.

Local, artisanal cheese grows in popularity

The growing desire for locally produced cheeses is expected to increase. Consequently, global and big local cheese brands are now tapping into the ‘craft’ movement. Artisan cheeses are made with a limited number of ingredients, have a unique taste profile, and are carefully matured, sometimes for several months. An example is Queso Ibérico, a popular Castellano-type cheese made in the Castile and León region of Spain, usually from the milk of the Manchega breed of sheep but also in combination with cow’s and goat's milk. Thanks to an optimal blend of ingredients and a characteristic taste and texture, Queso Ibérico meets the specific requirements for a ‘craft’ cheese culture.

Furthermore, locally produced cheese, consumed as part of the traditional diet, converges with the opposite trend – globally inspired recipes bringing cheese to markets where it is not part of the culture. Globalisation and the rise of e-commerce are enabling traditional cheeses to reach more consumers than ever before.

Creating an authentic local Spanish cheese

To respond to these trends, at DSM we have launched a new culture: Delvo®Cheese CT-500 Castellano starter culture. It’s available globally but with a major focus on the Spanish market, and is specifically developed for Castellano-type cheese to create the typical buttery taste and firm texture necessary to deliver a high-quality Castellano-type cheese from the milk blends used by Spanish cheesemakers. The new Delvo®Cheese CT-500 starter culture is available in three different phage rotations for optimal phage management.

I would be delighted to help you discover how Delvo®Cheese CT-500 Castellano starter culture can help your business. Simply drop me an email here.

Food Fact

In the US, the largest and one of the most innovative cheese markets globally, more and more snack-style cheeses are filling the shelves. In Western Europe – the most mature market – cheese is consumed throughout the day, from breakfast to dessert, with aperitives and snacks in between.

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The Delvo®Cheese starter cultures improve flavor and quality for game-changing cheese.

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Published on

01 May 2024