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DSM highlights next-generation taste, texture, health and sustainability solutions at FiE 2022

DSM, Food ingredients Europe, December 6-8 2022, Paris, France, stand 4.A10

Heerlen (NL), 10am CET, 8 November 2022

Royal DSM, a global, purpose-led science-based company, will introduce its latest consumer-inspired food and beverage innovations at this year’s Food ingredients Europe (FiE). DSM will showcase its next-generation taste, texture, health and sustainability solutions in the dairy, bakery, confectionery, beverage and plant-based dairy, meat and fish alternative categories. Plant proteins, concepts with immunity and energy claims, and breakthroughs in process efficiencies will take center stage among others on DSM’s stand – 4.A10. Visitors will be able to taste a range of food and drink samples designed to appeal to today’s consumers who want to enjoy it all.

Enabling the next-generation of plant-powered applications

The plant-based category is having to evolve to continue to meet consumers’ preference for authentic experiences. The majority, 82%, of consumers say it’s important that meat alternatives have the same taste as real meat1 But many feel current offerings don’t adequately replicate authentic meat, fish and cheese flavors – 67% of consumers who don’t eat plant-based alternatives say these foods lack taste.1 In light of these challenges, DSM will be showcasing new additions to its plant-based portfolio to help producers continuously innovate to bridge the taste, texture, appearance and nutritional gap in a wide range of plant-based dairy, meat and fish applications.

Manufacturers looking to elevate the taste of their plant-based formulations can discover DSM’s portfolio for plant-based cheese that overcomes common challenges to create authentic-tasting cheese alternatives, vegan process flavors for plant-based fish alternatives, and a range of enzymes for plant-based drinks that help unlock the raw ingredient’s natural sweetness.

Taste and texture are not the only consumer demands shaping plant-based innovation. Nutritional value is increasingly in the spotlight with 75% of consumers checking labels for protein claims1 and 90% saying they prefer to use everyday food and drinks to improve their health.2 In answer to these consumer preferences, DSM will be sharing some exciting news on Vertis™ CanolaPRO®, a plant protein isolate that is free from all major allergens3 and has a protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 1, making it on par with soy and whey. The protein remains in a native state and therefore has a high emulsifying capacity, solubility, digestibility and great texturizing properties. And following its approval for use in plant-based meat and fish alternatives across the European Union, DSM’s vegan EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acid solution allows manufacturers to further increase the nutritional value of plant-based alternatives without impacting the marine ecosystem.

DSM’s portfolio of taste and texture ingredients, plant proteins, nutritional solutions and colorants will be brought to life in a range of concepts at FiE including plant-based chicken skewers with curry-satay sauce, nachos with plant-based beef and vegan cheese sauce, and plant-based salmon patties with vegan dill sauce.

Re-energizing functional food and drinks with trending health benefits

Since the pandemic, many consumers have been drawn to better-for-you products that offer immunity and energy benefits. In fact, 64% of consumers are interested in products that keep them energized throughout the day and 33% of European consumers regularly seek out fortified food and drinks.4  

To meet consumer demand for functional food and drinks that support specific health areas while still offering an enjoyable consumption moment, DSM will be showcasing a range of new concepts. For the energy and well-being category, concepts will include an energy drink that combines green tea extract and ginseng for improved focus, concentration and mood, as well as vitamin and mineral premixes designed to reduce tiredness and fatigue. In broader nutrition and weight management categories, DSM will showcase a spoonable yogurt offering an energy and protein boost for active consumers, a breakfast cookie that aids digestion while providing an energy boost and containing reduced acrylamide levels, and vegan immunity supporting gummies in a range of bright colors.

Sustainable, efficient and collaborative – meet DSM’s solutions for improved production

DSM will showcase four innovations designed to make raw materials work harder. Launching at FiE, Panamore® Xtense is a label-friendly lipase and a more sustainable alternative to common emulsifier, DATEM. The new solution helps bread producers maintain dough stability and improve volume and shape in more challenging applications like wholewheat, frozen dough and while using flours or varying quality.

Secondly, oat-based dairy alternative manufacturers can discover how to simplify their production process and reduce hydrolysis time by 30%. Meanwhile, cheese makers can learn how to improve their sustainability credentials by reducing waste caused by bacteriophage contamination through ‘on the spot’ phage testing.

And finally, fermented milk manufacturers can explore DSM’s first portfolio of all-in-one cultures developed using the company's new AI-powered Culture Co-Creation Platform. The portfolio includes five different culture combinations all offering taste, texture and health benefits and with built in bioprotection – helping manufacturers and consumers enjoy it all.

DSM invites FiE attendees to visit their team at stand 4.A10. To find out more about the innovations and insights DSM will present at the event, visit:


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