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Baking enzymes for crackers, cookies and snacks

Crackers, cookies and snacks that consistently look good and taste great

Cookies, crackers and snacks are all about an indulgent eating experience. A ‘too good to resist’ taste, texture and appearance is therefore essential. But keeping control over the production process is crucial as well. With our baking enzymes, manufacturers and bakers can control baking processes and cost while baking consistently golden, crispy crackers, cookies and snacks that consumers love and contain less salt, fat and acrylamide levels. 

On a mission to enable better food for everyone, we have invested deeply in research to discover and develop baking enzymes that meet the specific needs of crackers, cookies and snacks manufacturers and bakers. Our BakeZyme® range, for instance, improves dough development, reduces fermentation time and leads to more consistent fermentation when used to produce crackers. 

Based on our extensive experience in the baking industry, science and customer & consumer insights we have gained the expertise to also help bakers overcome specific applications challenges. By adding BakeZyme® to hard dough biscuits, for example, you can improve dough relaxation, which in turn increases dough extensibility and cuts mixing time. Or add our baking enzymes to solve wafer challenges - like high batter viscosity and the appearance of gluten lumps. 

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Product range


Baking enzymes that improve dough elasticity and strengthens the gluten structure in crackers, cookies and snacks.


Award-winning baking enzymes to reduce acrylamide levels in crackers, cookies and snacks up to 95%.

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