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Consumers love the artisanal appeal of an indulgent croissant or Danish. But how can you create a yeasted laminated pastry that’s crispy on the outside, melt—in-the-mouth soft on the inside – and all in a more consistent and label-friendly way? Welcome to our unique baking enzyme solutions, ideal for both unproofed or fully proofed frozen, yeasted laminated pastry. Enjoy it all.

At DSM, we understand that creating a consistently outstanding product is not an easy job, given the limited availability and quality of raw materials. With our solutions you can overcome these challenges through our proven BakeZyme® portfolio, which delivers improved dough handling - and gives you greater control of volume, crumb structure and overall baking performance.

So, if you’re striving for yeasted laminated pastry with a bouncy, open cell structure which is crispy on the outside - look no further. Our enzyme solutions are label friendly; they have no impact on the delicious taste of your product; and are supported every step of the way by our pastry experts. It’s baked in!

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Our versatile portfolio of proven baking enzymes (including amylase, xylanase and glucose oxidase) - that help you create laminated pastry with the sensory qualities that consumers love.

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