The all-in-one culture solution

Making the complex simple

If you’re striving to take complexity out of yogurt development, look no further than Delvo®ONE. This unique solution features five all-in-one cultures, each with built-in bioprotection - and specially designed to help you create the ideal taste, texture and health profile more easily. Enjoy it all.

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Now you don’t need to spend valuable time and money trying to identify and implement separate starter, bioprotective and probiotic cultures. Delvo®ONE does it all by delivering a range of different taste and texture profiles – always with bioprotection assured for extending shelf life and reducing food waste.

We developed the new Delvo®ONE with Machine Learning using our DSM Culture Co-Creation Platform – where our experts work closely with dairy producers to clarify and quantify performance needs. The Machine Learning platform then processes this input via a series of iterative cycles to create optimal culture blends that meet the needs of yogurt producers - with greater accuracy and speed. Why make life complex?

Say hello to our Delvo®ONE family of cultures:

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Our experts and ingredients don’t just improve the health benefits of different yogurt categories. They also help you boost their taste, texture and overall functionality - ensuring they stay fresher for longer.

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