Fermented milk products

It is for the comprehensive portfolio for yogurt and other fresh dairy applications.

Stand out from the pack with differentiated products and expert support

Our proven portfolio of solutions for global yogurt categories, regional yogurt specialties and fresh fermented mesophilic applications doesn’t just improve the health benefits of your dairy products. It also boosts their taste, texture and overall functionality - and ensures they stay fresher for longer.

We offer a portfolio of dairy cultures, probiotics, bioprotective cultures, lactases, vitamins, nutritional premixes, hydrocolloids and antibiotic residue testing kits that help you create differentiated fermented milk products - and get them to market faster.

But that’s not all. We also support you and your processes throughout the entire innovation and production cycle – efficiently and sustainably -  with some of the best experts in the industry.

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Welcome to Delvo®One: our new all-in-one culture solution

If you’re striving to take complexity out of yogurt development, look no further than Delvo®ONE. This unique new solution features five all-in-one cultures, each with built-in bioprotection - and specially designed to help you create the ideal taste, texture and health profile.

All-new Delvo®Fresh YS-042 culture for deliciously indulgent stirred yogurt

Consumers are increasingly turning to stirred yogurt as a healthy choice. Now with our all-new Delvo®Fresh YS-042 culture you make sure it’s a tastier choice. This carefully selected culture enables you to produce extra mild, creamy and thick yogurt until the end of your product’s shelf life: with no extra ingredients needed. 

Product range


High-quality  global yogurt categories, regional yogurt varieties Ceska® Star (Europe) and Delvo®Fresh (global) Mesophilic and thermophilic cultures


well-known and scientifically-proven probiotic strains.



Protective cultures for yogurts to naturally extend shelf life.


Neutral lactase enzyme for lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy.


The gold standard in antibiotic residue testing.


Vitamins and nutrients for a high-quality nutritional profile.


Pectin solutions, gellan gum and welan gum that boost texture

Key applications

Global yogurt categories

From stirred, drinkable and set yoghurts to high-protein yogurts, our portfolio helps you differentiate on taste and texture while meeting all your processing needs.

Regional yogurt varieties

Whatever your application (and challenge) we’ll help you overcome it – in everything from ambient yogurt, to dahi, ayran and German-style mild yogurt. 

Mesophilic fermented applications

Our portfolio for fresh fermented mesophilic applications enables you to meet specific regional demands in taste, texture and packaging - for sour cream, quark and twarog.

It’s fresh! A broad portfolio for fermented milk products


Our Delvo®Fresh cultures for all yogurt and mesophilic applications help you create healthy yogurts - from reduced sugar-and-fat to protein-rich varieties - with an indulgent and texture that you wish.

Our Ceska®Star cultures are available in Europe to create the perfect mesophilic applications.


Delvo®Pro is our range of scientifically proven probiotic strains that maintain the cell count stability of your yogurt throughout its shelf life - while optimizing efficiency and maximizing operational profitability.   

Protective cultures

Delvo®Guard protective cultures enable you to create high-quality, clean label, fresh dairy products like yogurt - with longer shelf lives and no compromise on taste, texture or quality. Take a bite out of food waste.


For clean-tasting lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy look no further than Maxilact®. This range of unique lactase enzyme offers you an ideal way to meet growing demand from health-conscious consumers - in a more efficient way. 

Vitamins & nutritional premixes

Now you can fortify your fermented milk products with our Quali® vitamins and DSM nutritional premixes. No matter which format you choose, you (and your customers) can expect the highest-quality ingredients.


As a supplier of specialty hydrocolloids, we provide pectin solutions, gellan gum and welan gum that boost the mouthfeel, stabilization and suspension performance of your product.

Antibiotic residue testing

Delvotest® is the industry gold standard in antibiotic residue testing with the broadest spectrum. Use it for every kind of milk (cow, sheep, goat, and buffalo) to guarantee its safety and keep it below MRL. 

The right expertise to support your success

It takes more than outstanding ingredients to bring successful products to market. Which is why our expert dairy team is here for you every step of the way – from conception to the store shelf. Wherever you are, we can support you with application and technical services; innovation and marketing support; regulatory services; and scientific support around our probiotics and nutrition science. We’ll help your fermented milk products flourish!

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