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We know that for oils & fats processors, dealing with the rising prices and inconsistent available of raw materials is not an easy job. Our proven oil processing solutions for both edible oils and vegetable-seed based fuel oil can help you mitigate this instability and increasing your oil output – all while maintaining consistent oil quality.

So if your goal is to achieve consistent performance and higher yields in the refining of vegetable seed oils, thereby boosting your processing plant’s revenue, look no further than our Purifine® oil processing enzymes. What’s more, this solution also decreases your carbon footprint (based on our Life Cycle Assessment study) - all while reaching phosphorus and other refined oil specification.

And this solution isn’t just for edible oils. Now Purifine® - always supported by our experienced ingredient processing experts who work with you on-site – is being used for refining seed oils used as feedstock for both FAME and HVO biofuels to deliver similar benefits. You can even refine challenging feedstocks (both crude and degummed) with minimal loss and process disruption.

To show what our enzymatic solutions can bring you, dsm-firmenich has developed an easy-to-use calculator that quantifies the yield increase and with that the potential savings. In just 5 minutes you get the answer to the question of what the use of our enzymes from our Purifine® portfolio  means for your oil process.

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Boost oil processing with Purifine®

Looking to do more with less? Our versatile and proven oil processing solution enables producers of both edible oils and biodiesel to increase yield, reduce costs and mitigate against raw material inconsistency. 

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