Animal protein processing

Valorizing animal proteins

Maximum value, minimal impact

As the world’s hunger for protein - both animal and plant-based – continues to grow, we know that maximizing your processing efficiency and valorizing side streams takes on even greater importance. That’s why at DSM we offer a portflio of chemical-free enzyme-based protein processing solutions that enable you to do far more, with far less

Our solutions and experts can help you achieve a more efficient and smoother operation – for example, by applying our Maxipro/Maxamyl™ range of proteases. We also offer you solutions that maximize both land animal-and-fish based byproducts - making them fit for consumption by pets, animals and even humans, and thus returned to the food and feed cycle. It means that you not only increase efficiency, but also reduce costs and increase profits - all while maximizing the health of both people and planet. Enjoy it all.. 

Ingredient applications

Animal protein processing solutions

Our Maxipro/Maxamyl™ solution plays a critical role in improving your animal-and-fish protein processing. It enables a smooth operation, side streams valorization, and the creation of more valuable products - all with will less chemical usage.

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