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If you want to get the very most from your fruit and vegetable processing, look no further than our enzyme-based solutions. They increase your yield, shorten production times and clarify juice more effectively – in everything from apples and pears to red fruit, fruit firming, citrus fruit and olive oil. We’ll even help you intensify juice color naturally - and sustainably. Enjoy it all. 

Enzymes have always been an essential part of fruit and vegetable processing. Here at DSM our experts have taken it to the next level, drawing on some 30 years’ scientific and application experience of working with leading manufacturers worldwide to get the very most from raw materials – even when inconsistent in quality.

It’s all supported by our processing enzymes that help you retain the good – flavor and nutritional value – while boosting the color and consistency of fruit and vegetable applications. They also support faster and more efficient processing, with less oxidation and shorter holding times. This in turn reduces the risk of microbial spoilage and extends shelf life – but it’s not the only sustainability benefit. Our enzymes also work at flexible temperatures and pH, which means little-to-no changes are needed in production to use them. Enjoy it all. 

Ingredient applications

Meeting all your fruit & vegetable processing needs: with Rapidase®

For a total fruit and vegetable processing solution look no further than Rapidase® - the most established and versatile enzyme solution in the industry. We’ll help you increase yields and depectinization; and improve texture, firmness and color.

Create firmer fruit & vegetable pieces

How can you ensure that fruit and vegetable pieces stay firm and appealing for consumers – even after mechanical and thermal treatment? Simple. Just use our Rapidase® PEP and Rapidase® FP Super enzymes to achieve it the natural way - with a thicker puree and no color bleed. 

Boost processing of colored juices

We’ll help you extract the maximum amount of juice, color and antioxidants from your colored fruits and their skins with our Rapidase® and Klerzyme® enzymes. The result: a vibrant, appetizing juice packed with antioxidants – that’s faster and more efficient to produce with a complete breakdown of pectin. 

Maximize juice from apples & pears

Do you want to get a 90% yield from your apples and pears? Our Rapidase® enzyme solution is highly effective and easy to use, and suitable for producing 100% organic products - enabling higher-speed processing speed during filtration. The result: clean, clear apple & pear juice from concentrate that maintains its delicious and authentic taste.

Boost yield of citrus fruit

We’ll help you improve juice yield by reducing viscosity in pulp, and capturing more oil yield by breaking the emulsion in ‘water-oil mixture’ to accelerate phase separation. Our enzymes can even boost recovery of valuable byproducts – for example by creating organic natural cloudifier - a flavor enhancement.

Get more from olive oil

Looking to improve your olive yields without any impact on the quality of olive oil? With Rapidase® you can achieve this. We have developed an easy-to-use calculator to demonstrate the benefits of using our enzymes for your olive oil process. It will only take you 5 minutes to find out!

Maximize tropical fruits processing capacity

Rapidase® Tropi Plus is ideal for processing all kinds of tropical fruit. It helps you improve your filtration process, increase capacity, reduce downtime and minimize waste. At the same time, it is cost efficient  – a natural solution that is free of chemicals, ideal for organic products.

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