Sugar processing

Sustainable and more productive

The sweeter alternative to chemicals

Our enzyme-based solutions for sugar processing are unique in the industry, offering you a compelling alternative to traditional chemical-based sugar inversion. Whether you’re processing sugar for beverages and juices, syrup or confectionery, our ingredients and experts will help you produce a more sustainable product with greater efficiency and less waste. 

With our Maxinvert® enzyme solution you can achieve sugar inversion of sucrose into fructose and glucose in-situ - without additional processing steps. By simply adding the ingredient to your recipe you get less unwanted byproducts and a cleaner, more environmentally friendly process - all supported by our experts who understand your business.

You can do this in fruit beverages and juices, but also in sugar syrup – while creating a better taste profile; or in confectionery, where the active invertase enzyme breaks down sugar to reduce crystallization when added in soft fillings. It means that you and your customers no longer have to choose between taste, texture and taste. Enjoy it all. 

Ingredient applications

Reduce chemicals in sugar processing with Maxinvert®

With this unique enzyme-based solution you can increase yield, eliminate HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural) production - and improve the overall sustainability of your process by avoiding the use of chemicals. 

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