Meet DSM at CFIA I 14-15-16 March 2023

Taste Texture and Health, Enjoy it all

Meet us at CFIA 2023 in Rennes and enjoy our dairy and dairy alternative concepts

The DSM team is ready to meet in Rennes. We have some interesting demos for you to enjoy, like cheeses featuring our Flavor Wheel™ cultures. They help you create your signature cheese. You can also taste various yogurts that combine our cultures and vitamins. For instance, a relax yogurt with vitamins and chamomile. You may also want to try a plant based drink which carries a similar nutritional profile to dairy milk or one of our smooth plant powered fermented products with live cultures and vitamins. We look forward to meet you at booth 4 C61.

Say Cheese! 

Whether cost-effective or premium cheese, we work alongside you to create the best product. From boosting vitamins to reducing fat and salt, we invent healthier options without impacting taste, while delivering consistent production and reducing carbon footprint. Examples of what we have on offer are our Flavor Wheel™ cultures which allow you to create a signature flavor profile and Dairy Safe™, the assured bioprotection for cheese.

Ready for a ‘fresh’ approach?

Together, we can produce the best sustainable fresh dairy products to satisfy the unique taste and nutritional needs of your consumers. For example, we can help you create variation in taste and texture with our cultures and hydrocolloids, and faster Maxilact® lactase enzymes – for example. Or you can benefit from a whole family of vitamins, minerals and probiotics that enhance the nutritional profile of your products. At CFIA we also present Delvo®One. This unique solution features five all-in-one cultures, each with built-in bioprotection - and specially designed to help you create the ideal taste, texture and health profile.  

Plant-based cheese that packs a punch

Our solutions for plant-based cheese - which include dairy-type flavors and adjunct cultures - plus concentrates, and texture, nutrition and color solutions can help you recreate the unmistakable flavor, texture and color of everything from young-and-matured Gouda slices to cream cheese and shredded Parmesan.

Delicious dairy alternatives 

Come and find out all about our new Delvo®Plant Go solution – which simplifies production and can reduce hydrolysis time by up to 30%. Or find out how we help you keep up with the ever-changing plant-based dairy alternatives market with our innovative and sustainable solutions. You can create your preferred taste, including dairy flavor, as well as customized texture and mouthfeel with our broad portfolio of ingredients. For instance oat drinks with a similar nutritional profile to dairy milk .

Our dairy experts are always ready to help you.

Where to find us

Join DSM at booth 4-C61 and find out how we can partner with you.