Plant-based cheese alternatives

For better taste, texture, nutrition and appearance.

A colorful world of plant-based cheese solutions: Enjoy it all!

Plant-based cheese alternatives are fast becoming a staple on the plates of consumers. But keeping up with demand for delicious, healthy and sustainable cheese alternatives isn’t an easy job. That’s why at DSM we offer a complete portfolio of solutions and expertise to improve the taste, texture, color and nutritional value of your products - including alternative shredded, sliced and cream cheese – all in a sustainable way.

We’ll help you balance the complex

With our broad portfolio of flavors, colorants, vitamins, texture solutions and nutritional premixes we’ll help you create a differentiated product – all supported by our global cheese experts. Our taste and texture solutions provide hearty, savory flavor direction with full umami taste and less salt – as well as masking undesired notes. All with authentic cheese texture and bite – and a creamy mouthfeel.

This is complemented by a portfolio of β-Carotene solutions that bring an authentic look to your plant-based cheese – all in a natural and healthy way. In fact, we can help you close the nutrient gap in plant-based cheese by improving the nutritional value and health of your product with compelling claims for vegan consumers – for example by adding valuable vitamins and minerals. Enjoy it all.

Our Cheese Alternatives experts are always ready to help you

Dairy Alternatives applications

Taste solutions for plant-based cheese

At DSM we’re the true flavor-makers for plant-based cheese. We’ll help you move from salty and savory into lactic and dairy notes with different taste directions. You describe the taste, we’ll create the flavor!

Texture solutions for plant-based cheese

Texture is crucial for how plant-based cheese is perceived and can even define how quickly flavors are released. Our portfolio of hydrocolloids like pectin and Gellaneer® gellan gum will help you deliver authentic mouthfeel and texture - from flexible and soft to hard and brittle.

Color solutions for plant-based cheese

If you want to give your product the authentic color that consumers love, look no further than the world’s leading producer of natural colors. Our CaroCare® range of Beta-Carotenes is nature-identical and mimics the color of traditional dairy cheese - from yellow to orange.

Nutritional solutions for plant-based cheese

Plant-based cheese is low in vitamins, minerals and protein compared to traditional cheese. But we’ll help you bridge that nutrient gap with our range of Quali® vitamins and customized premix blends – tailored to your precise needs.

Product range

Plant-based dairy flavors

A family of new, natural vegan ingredients that deliver authentic cheese flavors

Yeast extract, process flavors

Create authentic taste with these flavors from vegan source - providing hearty, savory taste direction with full umami flavor and less salt.

Modumax and plant-masker solutions

Mask undesired flavors like green and beany notes and enhance creamy mouthfeel with these solutions.

Gellaneer® Gellan, Pectins, gums and blends

Build authentic cheese texture, bite & mouthfeel and improve slicing and shredding.

GELLANEER™ Gellan, Pectins, gums and blends

Build authentic cheese texture, bite & mouthfeel and improve slicing and shredding.

Nutritional premixes

Customized belnds of nutrients like vitamins & micro-nutrients and functional ingredients that help define and differentiate cheese alternative products by enhancing nutritional profile.

Vitamins & Micro-nutrients

Fortify your plant-based cheese with the most extensive portfolio of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins in the industry.


Add natural cheese colors with our β-carotene range.

Specialty plant proteins

A complete and soluble protein that can be used pure or in blends with other plant protein sources.

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