Enzymes for improving taste, texture, sweetness in plant-based dairy alternatives

Improve the taste, texture and sweetness in plant-based dairy alternatives

Are you looking to produce and finally fine-tune the taste, texture and sweetness of cereal- and starch-based dairy alternatives to cater for increasing consumer demand?

Our Delvo®Plant family of enzymes delivers a better taste, texture and smoother mouthfeel to plant-based drinks. Delvo®Plant enzymes also unlock natural sweetness – fine-tuning the sugar profile of your products to meet different regional consumer preferences. On top of this, you can even create gluten-reduced dairy alternatives or improve the nutritional value of your plant-based drinks.

The result? Winning dairy alternatives that consumers around the globe truly love. 

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Give your plant-based drinks the right appeal

Whether you’re developing oat-based or soy-based drinks or even other dairy alternatives, our portfolio of solutions enriches nutritional value, improves texture and adds mouthfeel. Download the leaflet to read more and give your plant-based drinks the right appeal. 

Portfolio of Delvo®Plant enzymes

Producing high-quality dairy alternatives starts with a liquefaction, in which starch-based raw material such as rice and oats are liquefied. In this step, Delvo®Plant ALT enzymes make these raw materials soluble and easy to process to enhance the mouthfeel of starch-based drinks.

Depending on the final application, Delvo®Plant GLU and MAL can unlock the natural sweetness of starch during the second production step – the saccharification – in order to help manufacturers create healthier products without added sugar which can also be tailored to local market preferences.

Other Delvo®Plant enzymes can reduce the gluten content of an oat-based drink, or can further modify texture and mouthfeel of oat drinks. The new Delvo®Plant enzyme range also improves the availability of minerals and in oat-based drinks, these solutions can reduce the gluten content to create strong appeal for an even broader range of consumers.

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Delvo®Plant Go for simpler oat drink production

In oat-based drinks, this revolutionary enzyme solution reduces hydrolysis time by up to 30% and process lead times from three to two hours - all with less heating and cooling time. So now you can step-up production while reducing energy consumption and your overall environmental footprint while reducing energy and water consumption.

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