Leading lactases for lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy

Maxilact® lactases help you create clean-tasting lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy, more efficiently

Health-conscious consumers want delicious, lactose-free and sugar-reduced dairy products. Meeting these needs as efficiently and productively as possible can be quite challenging.

That’s why we'd like you to meet our Maxilact® portfolio of lactase enzymes – proven for a wide range of applications, from milk to yogurt and milk drinks. Together with our cultures and probiotics, sugar-reduction solutions, vitamins and minerals – Maxilact® lactases help you create more appealing, tastier and healthier lactose-free products in a more efficient way.

Aside from this,  working with us guarantees in-depth and global expert services. And, with full control of our production process, we deliver a fully transparent product of proven quality for your peace of mind.

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NEW: Maxilact®Next: The fastest pure lactase in the market

Maxilact®Next is a new enzymatic solution that allows manufacturers to achieve their lactose-free targets faster than ever - all without affecting the taste of lactose-free applications.


Maxilact® Super: greater efficiency for all label claims

Boost quality and efficiency for all product positioning, from ordinary to organic. it delivers a delicious clean taste with double-digit productivity gains (including a 33% decrease in hydrolysis time.

Maxilact® LGi: A lactase for pure piece of mind

The purest lactase around, it enables you to create the ultimate clean-tasting, authentic product that’s suitable for all label claims (from ordinary to organic and non-GMO).


Maxilact® Smart: the efficient lactase enzyme

Reduces hydrolysis time by 33% and requires 50% less dosage to achieve the same amount of product – delivering double-digit productivity gains for your lactose-free dairy. 

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