Cheese ripening enzyme

Accelerzyme®, accelerating cheese ripening

Our cheese ripening enzymes allow you to produce stand out taste and textures and improve efficiency through improved ripening speed. And all irrespective of cheese type, raw milk quality or manufacturing environment.

Accelerzyme® CPG is a unique carboxypeptidase cheese ripening enzyme that accelerates balanced flavor formation in a variety of different cheese types. Accelerzyme® CPG causes small peptides and amino acids in milk to release faster during the ripening process, converting these to flavor components by the added cheese cultures. This results in a faster ripening time, and a smaller environmental footprint.

Accelerates ripening time

Releases small peptides and amino acids to accelerate flavor development.

Optimize taste and avoid bitterness

Especially active on highly bitter peptides, reducing bitterness in cheese.

Reduces carbon footprint

Reduces aging time and therefore cost and energy use.

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