Ceska®Coat & Delvo®Coat

Your cheese coating for superior performance and protection

Ceska®Coat & Delvo®Coat deliver superior performance and microbial protection for all coated cheese types, meeting your regulatory and labelling needs

Which is why we created Ceska®Coat & Delvo®Coat: the gold standard in cheese coatings. They protect your cheese - increasing microbial protection against molds and yeast by up to 50% while reducing preservatives.

But Ceska®Coat & Delvo®Coat also deliver superior performance whatever your coated cheese type or process - in coverage, cuttability and application performance.

And they’re available in a range of attractive colors, enabling you to differentiate your cheese on appearance, with no compromise on taste, texture – or safety.

In fact, Ceska®Coat & Delvo®Coat are fully compliant with all your regulatory and labelling requirements, wherever you are.  What else would you expect from an industry partner built on 50 years of innovation and industry experience, worldwide?

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The total solution for cheese coatings

You benefit from superior performance in coverage, cuttability and application performance - whatever your coated cheese type or process. All this, while increasing microbial protection by up to 50% and reducing your dosage of preservatives.

Ceska®Coat & Delvo®Coat: Colorful coating solutions

Differentiate your cheese with an appetizing appearance in a range of colors, in every region and application: Gouda, Manchego, Tomme Noir and many more.

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