Dairy Safe™

The assured bioprotection for cheese

Meet the growing demand for naturally produced cheese that looks and tastes great. 

Dairy Safe™ cultures protect your cheese the natural way, minus additives like nitrate or lysozyme – increasing the cheese whey quality (nitrate free); and with the potential to be upgraded to infant nutrition-quality and value. 

Suitable for all types of milk (cow, goat, sheep), Dairy Safe™ helps you avoid the financial losses associated with spoilage like late blowing – ensuring that you produce a cheese that meets all quality and regulatory standards. 

Because these easy-to-use cultures are selected from the nisin-producing species of Lactococcus lactis, they are ideal for cheeses where certain Gram-positive bacteria like Clostridium tyrobutyricum need to be inhibited to prevent butyric acid fermentation. Dairy Safe™ is used in a rotation system with several phage alternatives. 

If you’re using lactic acid starter cultures, our Ceska®-Star D-series forms a unique combination of nisin-produc¬ing and nisin-resistant strains and is available as DVC starter cultures.

Whatever your need, we’re the safe choice. What else would you expect from a brand proven to help manufacturers produce robust, delicious – and award-winning cheese?

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Dairy Safe™ facts and benefits

The Dairy Safe™ product range

Ceska®Star D229, D339, D449 & D559

Our versatile family of high-quality bioprotective cheese cultures, including phage rotations.

Ceska®Star D227, D337, D447 & D557

Our versatile family of high-quality bioprotective cheese cultures – able to enhance flavor, including phage rotations.

Ceska®Star D029 & D039

Our versatile family of high-quality bioprotective cheese cultures –enable non-gas production (blind cheese), including phage rotations.

Ceska®Star D700 & D800

Our specific range of adjunct bioprotective cultures to be used alongside your DVC starter culture.

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