Dairy Safe™

The assured bioprotection for cheese

Meet the growing demand for naturally produced cheese that looks and tastes great. 

Dairy Safe™ cultures protect your cheese the natural way, minus additives like nitrate or lysozyme – increasing the cheese whey quality (nitrate free); and with the potential to be upgraded to infant nutrition-quality and value. 

Suitable for all types of milk (cow, goat, sheep), Dairy Safe™ helps you avoid the financial losses associated with spoilage like late blowing – ensuring that you produce a cheese that meets all quality and regulatory standards. 

Because these easy-to-use cultures are selected from the nisin-producing species of Lactococcus lactis, they are ideal for cheeses where certain Gram-positive bacteria like Clostridium tyrobutyricum need to be inhibited to prevent butyric acid fermentation. Dairy Safe™ is used in a rotation system with several phage alternatives. 

If you’re using lactic acid starter cultures, our Ceska®-Star D-series forms a unique combination of nisin-produc¬ing and nisin-resistant strains and is available as DVC starter cultures.

Whatever your need, we’re the safe choice. What else would you expect from a brand proven to help manufacturers produce robust, delicious – and award-winning cheese?


Assured bioprotection against late blowing and spoilage.


Excellent flavor development.


Natural bioprotective cultures with no additives.

Shelf life

Extends shelf life and avoids food waste.

Whey value

Increases whey value by making it additive free. 

Ceska®Star D229, D339, D449 & D559

Our versatile family of high-quality bioprotective cheese cultures, including phage rotations.

Ceska®Star D227, D337, D447 & D557

Our versatile family of high-quality bioprotective cheese cultures – able to enhance flavor, including phage rotations.

Ceska®Star D029 & D039

Our versatile family of high-quality bioprotective cheese cultures –enable non-gas production (blind cheese), including phage rotations.

Ceska®Star D700 & D800

Our specific range of adjunct bioprotective cultures to be used alongside your DVC starter culture.

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