Flavor Wheel™

Choose a differentiating flavor direction – and we’ll take you there!

Now you can add a signature flavor profile to your cheese from our broad range of Flavor Wheel™ cultures.

When it comes to cheese, it’s all about the flavor.

To tap into to changing tastes, you need the ability - and flexibility - to create signature cheeses across the whole spectrum of flavors and get them to market faster. Which is why we created Flavor WheelTM cultures.

From sweet and buttery flavors to savory, roasted and mature notes (and beyond) these adjunct cultures can be used in any combination to help you create the perfect product. They build on the flavorful acidification already created by our starter cultures: simply add them directly to the cheese vat in combination with any acidifying system (bulk starter as well as DVC).

Flavor WheelTM is ideal for various hard and semi-hard cheeses, including Gouda, Cheddar and Monterey Jack – and based on all types of milk. It delivers excellent taste and texture for the creation of award-winning cheeses. And our cheese experts are always on-hand to help.

So why not give it a spin?

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The Flavor Wheel™ product range

Flavor Wheel™

Our flexible concept for enabling flavor differentiation in your cheese.

Ceska®Star adjunct cultures

Adjunct cultures that differentiate your cheese on flavor and texture.

Delvo®ADD adjunct cultures

Adjunct cultures for building a unique, rich flavor in your cheese.

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