Milase® Premium

The next-generation microbial coagulant

Welcome to a new era in microbial coagulants - enabling you to develop your preferred taste for the entire shelf-life with no bitter off-notes.

As consumer demand for non-animal products continues to increase, so does the challenge for cheese producers in meeting this need while maintaining a delicious, high-quality product.

Which is why we created Milase® Premium. As the name suggests, this is a superior, animal-free coagulant that delivers a high-quality cheese comparable to traditional rennet-based products – and all while improving your cheese yield.

Milase® Premium boosts texture stability in cheese like rindless gouda ad mozzarella; and it improves flavor stability in traditional and low-fat Gouda and Maasdam. 

Suitable for all types of whey processing and cheese preparation (Kosher, Halal, benzoate-free, VLOG and vegetarian), Milase Premium has the lowest proteolytic activity of our coagulant range. It’s produced from fermentation of Rhizomucor miehei, with specificity close to animal rennet, and thus free from undesired side activity.

And all this is supported by our expert team. So, ready to get started?


A non-aminal/microbial coagulant suitable for vegans.

Excellent taste development

Improves flavor -and texture stability over the entire shelf life. 

Clean label

Vegan, organic, non-GMO-derived & VLOG, Kosher & Halal.

Suitable for organic

Approved for organic cheese


All our cheese enzymes are benzoate-free.

Milase® Premium microbial coagulants

The premium microbial coagulant for optimal, clean taste profiles.

Kalase® animal coagulants

Kalase® is the animal coagulant, or rennet, brand. It contains specific enzymes that contribute to a rich, complex taste development.

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