Delvo®Fresh Pioneer

Starter cultures for indulgent, mild yogurt

Maintain exceptional pH stability throughout production & shelf life

Are you looking to create deliciously mild yogurt with high pH stability during both production and shelf life? Welcome to Delvo®Fresh Pioneer. Our latest innovation in starter cultures helps guarantee delicious creaminess  and mildness throughout your product’s shelf life – thus enabling consumers to enjoy great-tasting indulgence every time.

Our experts created Delvo®Fresh Pioneer starter cultures to give you remarkable flexibility in developing various mild yogurt recipes that deliver consistently mild and creamy taste and texture throughout your product’s shelf life – every time. In fact, these pioneering cultures are shown to maintain an extremely stable pH for up to 60 days in cold storage - a significant improvement on standard cultures for mild yogurt.

DelvoFresh Pioneer starter cultures are ideal for high-value recipes - including smooth, creamy yogurt and mild, reduced-sugar yogurt with ‘better-for-you’ appeal. So, if you want greater flexibility in your ability to produce mild and indulgent yogurt, more consistently…look no further.

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