Delvo®Plant Boost

An enzymatic solution for soy-based products

Boost your production, sensory properties and profitability

If you want to boost the yield of your soy-based products while maintaining high consistency and quality – look no further than our sustainable Delvo®Plant Boost enzymatic solution.

Delvo®Plant boost can increase your yield using the same raw materials. This heightened output is achieved through effective enzyme treatment. At the same time, this unique solution creates sensory improvements by reducing sandiness for better mouthfeel. Finally, Delvo®Plant Boost supports residual mass reduction, which means utilizing a side stream of production. This taps into the trend of consumers that prefer sustainably produced soy beverages, made with less environmental impact.

What’s more, because Delvo®Plant Boost is classed as a processing aid and is organic compliant, you don’t need to change your labels or declare this product as an ingredient - thus enabling you to meet the growing demand for organic and clean-label products.

The benefits of Delvo®Plant Boost are not limited to soy-based beverages only. It can successfully be extended to other sub-categories with a soy drink base, such as spoonable & drinkable fermented products and tofu.

At dsm-firmenich we also offer comprehensive application support, as well as guidance on regulatory and labeling issues. We’re here to help you create the best plant-based products possible.

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