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Increasingly we see consumers being torn between choosing the healthy and sustainable foods they feel they should eat, and those that they want to eat; with perceived gaps in taste, texture and health. Our Vertis™ plant proteins help you solve this challenge by creating a real impact on products, people and the planet. 

With our unrivalled expertise and innovation, we’ll work with you to create tasty products with improved texture, structure and mouthfeel - in everything from dairy, meat and fish alternatives, to performance nutrition.

Free of major allergens, our range of natural and high-quality Vertis™ plant proteins include isolates, concentrates, blends and textured vegetable proteins. They not only deliver a range of nutritional benefits, but are also better for the planet - produced with minimal waste and a low environmental footprint. Enjoy it all.

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Vertis™ CanolaPRO®

This canola-based protein isolate contains more than 90% protein content, and is a complete protein with a PDCAAS of 1. You can use Vertis™ CanolaPRO® to increase the quantity and quality of protein in plant-based alternatives without soy or gluten - or for its excellent functional benefits.

Textured pea and faba proteins

Our textured pea and faba proteins are the foundation for “free-from” products that don’t compromise on food affordability, taste, texture or appearance. Discover our TVPs in different sizes and formats, ideal for a broad range of meat and fish alternatives.

Supporting the transition to more sustainable proteins

At DSM we’re committed to developing more sustainable food systems, including a transition to more sustainable proteins from animals and plants. Our specialty plant proteins are produced using sustainable raw materials and renewable energy while producing minimal waste. 



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