Vertis™ Textured vegetable proteins

From canola to pea and faba protein.
Enjoy it all. 

Give your “free-from” meat and fish alternatives the right bite

Today’s flexitarians crave products that do more than just mimic the taste and texture of meat and fish. They want healthy products with high-quality protein that are free from major allergens and non-GMO. That’s why our textured canola, pea and faba bean proteins are the perfect choice for creating “free-from” products that don’t compromise on food affordability, taste, texture, or appearance. 

Our canola, pea and faba-based TVPs simulate the texture of meat and fish in a sustainable way and come in a range of different sizes and formats to suit a broad range of applications – including beef, pork, chicken, and fish substitutes and extenders.

Now your products can benefit from good structure and texture (including mince, chunk, and long-chunk formats); while featuring an appetizingly light color and mild taste. Not only are our Vertis™ Textured Vegetables Proteins (TVPs) naturally soy-and-gluten free, they’re also easy to use and process – supported every step of the way by DSM’s plant-based experts. Good for people, planet and profit. Enjoy it all.

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Our Vertis™ TVP ingredients

Vertis™ TVP P65.01l

This TVP is from pea protein concentrate and pea protein isolate in a long chunk format. It’s ideal for ‘unprocessed’ meat alternatives, grilled chicken, and shredded meat applications like pulled pork.

Contains 65% protein & <0.4% sodium.

Vertis™ TVP 65.11c

For beef, pork, chicken, tuna, and pink fish alternative chunks, look no further than this TVP - produced from pea protein concentrate and pea protein isolate.

Contains 65% protein & <0.4% sodium.

Vertis™ TVP P65.01m

Produced in mince format from pea protein concentrate and pea protein isolate, this TVP is suitable for burger patties, sausages, and nuggets.

Contains 65% protein & <0.4% sodium.

Vertis™ TVP F70.01m

This TVP is produced from faba bean protein concentrate and pea protein isolate in mince format - ideal for burger patties, sausages, and nuggets.

Contains 70% protein & <0.4% sodium.

Vertis™ TVP PR 70.01m

The world’s first TVP solution that is a complete protein and free from major allergens. Produced from pea concentrate and  canola protein isolate (Vertis™ CanolaPRO® in mince format – ideal for Bolognese sauces, tacos, and lasagna.

Vestkorn: a DSM Company

DSM textured pea and faba proteins are made possible by Vestkorn, a leading European producer of ingredients derived from peas and faba beans - and now part of DSM. The Vestkorn portfolio includes TVPs and protein concentrates that represent a healthy source of protein and nutrition - helping you create differentiated plant-based products that consumers will enjoy.

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