Natural taste modulator

ModuMax® helps create preferred taste profiles when taste is a challenge

ModuMax® is an innovative, natural taste modulator which helps create preferred taste profiles in beverages & food products that contain high intensity sweetener or are lower in fat. It also improves taste in products with added nutrition food with higher protein content that has undesirable flavor notes.

DSM’s flavor and taste experts have developed ModuMax® to create better tasting sweet and savory food and beverage products. ModuMax® allows food and beverage manufacturers to grow their business by creating more natural food plus and food minus applications that suit healthy lifestyles, by delivering mouthfeel, masking undesirable notes, and improving overall taste impact in food and beverage applications where taste is a challenge. 

ModuMax® is an easy-to-use solution that can be labeled as a natural flavor*, allowing food & beverage producers to offer products with a friendly label, in line with consumer demand. For example, in the US, Modumax® is Non-GMO Project Verified.  

When taste is a challenge

DSM’s team of creative scientists and culinary experts has created ModuMax® to help customers develop new products as well as reformulate their existing portfolio to eliminate negatives, add positives, and clean up labels. ModuMax® is ideal for formulas that require taste balancing; for example, in food-minus and food-plus savory and sweet products covering segments such as sports protein drinks and meal replacement shakes, alternative plant-based milks, yogurts and desserts.

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ModuMax® won the 2019 Ringier Technology Award for Food and Beverage category


Possible Applications

Non-dairy drinks: In sugar-reduced soy milk, ModuMax® provides a creamy milky taste sensation, and masks the beany note. ModuMax® also masks the bitterness of HIS sweeteners, while improving taste and creamy mouthfeel.  

Beverages with high intensity sweeteners: In sugar-free creamy coffee, ModuMax® provides a less bitter, creamier, enriched overall taste profile. ModuMax® reduces bitterness of HIS sweeteners and restores mouthfeel sensation.  

Sports drinks, protein shakes & meal replacers: In high protein formulations, ModuMax® provides a less bitter, more acceptable overall taste profile. ModuMax® improves taste in protein (chocolate) milk drinks, masking bitterness of sweeteners and protein off-note and improved creamy mouthfeel.

DSM: global taste experts

At DSM, we can draw on 50 years of expertise in flavor development and creating desired tastes in savory and sweet applications. Working with DSM guarantees the development of high quality products, building on a foundation of customer and consumer insights, science and global flavor development expertise. We love to work on our customer’s challenges and applications, whether they are to produce a low-fat cheese sauce for a mac and cheese recipe for the North American market, an authentic BBQ process flavor for a meat alternative hamburger in The Netherlands, or a spicy noodle soup in Vietnam.

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