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DSM showcases healthier breakfast options at FiE 2017

Delft, NL, 02 Nov 2017 11:30 CET

DSM will highlight its range of nutritional and functional ingredients that contribute to health and wellness for more people around the world at this year’s Food Ingredients Europe (FiE), with a special spotlight on better breakfasts at home and on-the-go. In a new study focused on breakfast habits around the globe, DSM explores just how many consumers are eating a healthy breakfast, and looks for the innovation opportunities for the world’s best loved breakfast products.

Flavored yogurt is a popular breakfast option worldwide, but can be high in sugar. According to DSM’s research, more than 60% of global consumers are choosing to reduce the amount of sugar they consume in their dairy products. To help achieve this goal, DSM has an enzyme- and culture-based concept on offer. With Maxilact® and Delvo®Yog, the sweetness that is naturally present in dairy products can be doubled while providing enhanced taste and texture. On the DSM booth, visitors can see and taste a flavored yogurt with reduced sugar that maintains an optimal sensory profile. DSM’s Fi Innovation Award-nominated cheese culture, Delvo®Cheese CT Light, designed to improve taste and texture in low fat cheeses is also showcased.

Nutrition is an important concept at breakfast, and the meal represents a key opportunity for manufacturers to address consumers’ nutritional requirements. However, Euromonitor research shows that almost 30% of consumers spend less than five minutes preparing breakfast each day, so need products that are nutritious, but fast1. At the show, guests can collaborate with experts from DSM’s custom nutrient premix service, Fortitech® Premixes, to create their own customized formulations for use in their breakfast products. Using a blend of functional ingredients, these unique mixes can help to boost nutritional status while also meeting consumer demands for convenient, on-the-go breakfast products.

Color is one of the key factors that determines the market success of dairy and beverage products, which are commonly consumed during the first meal of the day. Visitors to DSM’s booth will have the opportunity to see the latest coloration trends for such applications come to life, with a bespoke on-stand wall map revealing the leading hues across categories. DSM experts will be on hand to demonstrate how the company can help with natural coloration solutions that offer excellent stability and consumer appeal.

Visitors can also find out more about the latest consumer insights, try a range of food applications, and learn more about DSM ingredients:

  • Acrylamide-reduced cereals and baked goods
  • Sugar-reduced, better-tasting soy milk
  • Delicious, on-trend Swiss cheese
  • Meal replacement drinks for satiety
  • Soft chews with vitamins for a healthy pregnancy
  • Freeze dried fruit drops with vitamin premix

Delegates are also invited to join the DSM team for happy hour at the DSM booth, taking place from 16:00 on 28 and 29 November.

1) Euromonitor, ‘Food Preparation Habits’, 2017

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