1 in 4 consumers eat breakfast in less than 5 minutes per day

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, but just how many people are taking time for it, and what are they eating?

Eating a healthy breakfast has been positively correlated with maintaining good health. However, mornings are frantic and breakfast is a meal under pressure. Busy households have less time for breakfast than ever, and want this meal to be as healthy as possible while remaining both convenient and affordable.

A survey of consumers shows:

Kids rate themselves 7/10 for healthy eating

The littlest members of the household are also concerned about eating healthy foods for breakfast. We interviewed a group of international kids about what they eat for breakfast, and what they consider a healthy start to the day. 


Part one of DSM’s latest consumer insights report about breakfast habits is drawn from a consumer survey conducted with consumers in Europe and the US. In this report, we focus on the trends shaping breakfast for this group of consumers.

Food Fact

  • Part 2 of our consumer insights report about breakfast found that 88% of consumers are interested in trying something new in the morning.
  • Consumers have less time for breakfast than ever. How much time? Most of us are preparing and eating breakfast in less than 15 minutes per day.

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Published on

17 February 2019