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DSM introduces new Delvo®Cheese culture to create Spanish Castellano-type cheese

Delft, NL, 21 Nov 2018 10:00 CET

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, today introduces Delvo®Cheese CT-500 Castellano, a cheese culture for creating Spanish Castellano-type cheese. The new culture was especially developed to create the highly specific taste and texture of the Castellano-type cheese, allowing cheesemakers to respond to the growing demand for premium, authentic and artisan cheese types.

The demand for locally-produced cheeses is increasing globally, with well-known global and local cheese brands tapping into the ‘craft’ movement. Artisan cheeses with a unique taste and texture, and made with only a limited number of ingredients, are growing in popularity. Manchego cheese, and all Castellano-type cheeses, are perfect examples of artisanal, local Spanish cheese types that are popular in Spain and around the world.

In Spain, Manchego cheese is the trendiest cheese type, responsible for more than 37% of total retail value. Spanish cheesemakers looking to develop more distinctive Manchego and Castellano-type cheeses turned to DSM to solve their challenge of adding the Castellano-type taste profile to their range with only generic cheese cultures available on the market.

The new DelvoCheese CT-500 Castellano culture is the first culture on the market that is specifically selected to create the consistency and taste for which the Castellano-type is known: a fruity, nutty, sweet and tangy flavor that is grassy and pleasant. After around six months of ripening, the taste develops to caramel with a bit of acid.

Around the world, consumers are keen to try new types and flavors of cheese, and we see a growing demand for cheeses that offer distinct flavors and regional stories,” says Evandro Oliveira de Souza, Business Lead for cheese ingredients and solutions at DSM Food Specialties. “The DelvoCheese CT-500 Castellano is an exciting addition to DSM’s portfolio of cheese cultures which enable cheesemakers to tailor the taste and texture of their cheeses in many different directions, whether creating an authentic regional cheese or something new and unique.”

DelvoCheese CT-500 Castellano is the latest addition to DSM’s comprehensive portfolio of Continental cheese solutions which includes cultures, coagulants, bulk starters, lipases, and cheese-ripening solutions. DSM’s cheese cultures enable cheesemakers to craft high-quality cheeses in Gouda, Maasdam, Havarti, French Raclette, and now Spanish Manchego styles.

Building on almost 150 years of science and experience in microbiology and fermentation technology, DSM’s dairy application experts create and add value for manufacturers in product formulation, innovation and process efficiency. Like our customers, we believe that better dairy products should be safe, healthier, fresh-looking, indulgent, convenient and produced in an efficient and sustainable way – today and in the future. We are therefore proud to offer solutions to help manufacturers develop new and existing dairy products and help them produce these products in the most efficient and sustainable way.

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