Starter cultures for cheese

Delvo®Cheese starter cultures improve flavor and quality for game-changing cheese

Do you want to optimize cheese production while improving cheese flavor and quality? Our reliable Delvo®Cheese family of starter cultures makes it happen.

Whatever cheese type is produced, DSM has developed a specific range of starter cultures. DSM cheese cultures have always been the starting point for great cheese and with DSM enzymes, they provide an ideal solution for all kinds of cheeses, depending on market and consumer needs. An extended shelf life in mozzarella for long-lasting cheese texture? Faster ripening times and unique flavors in continental cheese? Optimizing production? Whatever the need, our products will meet it. 

Our complete solution for cheeses improves almost every aspect of your product – from taste and texture, to increased health benefits, to extended shelf life and greater efficiency in production. In fact, with our cheese expertise based on almost 150 years of science and experience, our combination of products and expert people we can help you build a winner. 

Improve flavor and quality for game-changing cheese!

Taste that taps into local preferences.

A solution for every desired texture.

Production efficiency.

Solutions for less salt or fat.

Excellent phage resistance.

NEW: Delvo®Cheese CP-500, stretch your mozzarella yield by up to 1.3%

DSM adds a new culture to the existing mozzarella portfolio, Delvo®Cheese CP-500. This culture packs more moisture into your mozzarella - unlocking a yield increase of up to 1.3%. With improved stretchiness and meltability, it's also great news for pizza lovers.

Delvo®Cheese CH for cheddar cheese

Meet the ever-changing needs of consumers in this range of starter cultures for cheddar. Whether you look for speed and process optimization for young cheddar, for balanced flavor on young cheddar or shredding and slicing functionality, DSM is the perfect partner for creating specific flavor and texture.

Delvo®Cheese CT for all types of continental cheese

Our Delvo®Cheese CT cultures achieve unique flavor and texture in continental cheese, whether you produce Gouda, edam, French Raclette, Spanish Manchego or any other type of continental cheese. 

Imagine low-fat continental cheese with the same great taste and texture as a full-fat cheese. It’s simple when you use Delvo®Cheese CT-Light, DSM’s award-winning culture. It allows for a fat reduction of more than 30% and there is no need for additives or stabilizers. It is the perfect answer to consumer demand for healthier cheese options.

Delvo®Cheese CP for the mozzarella you expect

Our Delvo®Cheese CP cultures are developed for production of pasta filata such as provolone, mozzarella, kashkaval, string cheese, pizza cheese and robust cultures. It delivers a consistent acidification in cheese cultures for mozzarella - extending shelf life while increasing the elasticity and browning of the cheese.

Delvo®Cheese CC for cottage cheese

Optimize processes and yield of cottage cheese with Delvo®Cheese CC, especially developed to allow medium and large-scale cheese producers create cottage with great texture and mouthfeel, while maximizing profits through optimized processes.

Delvo®Cheese CW for great tasting white cheese

The Delvo®Cheese CW solutions for white cheese help you differentiate on taste – reducing bitterness while building layers of subtle flavor and texture – whether creamy, compact, crumbly – or all three.

Delvo®Cheese SW for Swiss Cheese

Whether you produce Emmental Gruyere, Maasdam, Leerdammer, Comté, or Beaufort cheese, our Delvo®Cheese SW solutions enable you to boost the taste profile of Swiss cheese applications and to maximize the nutty flavor that consumers love. In addition, it improves consumption convenience by enabling easier sliceability and shredding in Swiss cheese applications.


The Delvo®TAM family are customized solutions that can be developed by our product application experts.

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