Cheese as an ingredient continues to grow

To help meet the increasing demand, DSM has developed and launched a new portfolio of phage robust cultures for young cheddar and barrel cheeses.

Cheese is one of the most consumed foods on the planet! If you find this claim hard to believe, just think for a moment how often you eat cheese in one form or another. Once a week? Twice a week? More frequently? Research indicates that 24% of consumers consume cheese weekly – mainly at lunchtime or after lunchtime. What’s likely is that you are eating more cheese this year than last year, and certainly more than five or ten years ago. The same survey showed that 85% of cheese consumers are eating the same or more than 12 months ago.1

Over a quarter of us like to use cheese as an ingredient in a meal. In fact, the world’s appetite for cheese as an ingredient continues to grow. Our enthusiasm for cheese is clearly driven by the increasing global popularity of western lifestyle foods such as burgers, pizza and other Italian food.2 For such food items, young cheddar and barrel cheeses are ideal ingredients, hence their wide usage in the food processing and service industries. Naturally, cheese manufacturers are keen to keep pace with this growing demand.

Cheddar cheese performs consistently in these applications, thanks partly to tight specifications on chemical composition and functionality. However, it is essential that the cheese manufacturing process parameters remain constant throughout the entirety of ever-longer production runs. One of the ways that cheesemakers are seeking to maintain their levels of quality and consistency is by using new, innovative solutions that allow them to speed up the cheese production process and optimize efficiency.

This is exactly where DSM comes in.

New starter culture for young cheddar and barrel cheeses

DSM cheese experts have developed a new durable culture solution for young cheddar and barrel cheeses: the Delvo®Cheese CH-120 series. Let’s take a close look at the specific benefits that the new Delvo®Cheese CH-120 series offers cheesemakers.

A neutral flavor and a firm, resilient structure lead to the taste and firm texture that the market requires. Optimal, durable phage protection is ensured as the culture consists of six rotations and has been constructed with selected strains for durable phage protection even during long production runs. Highly consistent performance is achievable as the Delvo®Cheese CH-120 series have been designed for consistent performance between the rotations, so no matter which rotations or what order they are used, you will have the same finished product. Finally, the culture ensures functionality and yield when used in combination with our state-of-the-art coagulant Maxiren®XDS. This is a fermentation produced chymosin with the highest specificity and the lowest proteolytic activity. It increases yield while creating an optimal cheddar texture for better sliceability and dicing.

Selected commercial cheddar cheese producers have already tested this new culture intensively and confirm the excellent durable phage protection and culture rotation consistency. Delvo®Cheese CH-120 is thus good news for cheesemakers – and for cheese-lovers too! 

DSM solution

DSM – your partner in cheese – offers a broad, high-quality portfolio to produce great cheddar cheeses in the most optimal and efficient way, marketed under our commercially-proven brands such as Delvo®Cheese CH cultures, Delvo®ADD adjuncts, Maxiren®Fromase®Delvo®Cid and Delvotest®

1 FMCG Guru 2019
2 World Cheese Market 2000-2023, PM Food & Dairy Consulting, January 2016

New DSM Solution

DSM introduces new Delvo®Cheese CH-120 culture range for young cheddar and barrel cheese. Read more>

Food fact

24% of consumers consume cheese weekly and 85% of cheese consumers are eating the same or more than 12 months ago.

Published on

20 November 2019