Dairy beverage fortification is a solution that everyone can enjoy: here’s how

Consumers have long turned to dairy beverages as a healthy, tasty and nutritious staple (as well as for a little indulgence). In fact, the global dairy beverages market is set to grow at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2020 to 2025.1

Now, with people of all ages seeking dairy products fortified with immune-boosting benefits2; and an ageing population increasingly in need of more nutrients (22% of people will be over 60 by 2050); dairy drinks have greater potential than ever.

The challenge for manufacturers? How do you balance the competing the needs for a product that benefits health (of people and planet); that delivers great taste and sensory qualities; and that you can get to market as quickly and (cost) efficiently as possible? Consumers want to enjoy it, and so do manufacturers. Dairy beverage fortification is an ideal solution and here’s how.

The opportunity for fortified dairy beverages

As we get older, the importance of consuming our recommended nutrients every day becomes increasingly important. For example, 69% of consumers aged 51 or over worry about eye health, while 52% are concerned about their mental performance.3 One challenge here is that appetites can decline in later years – which is where supplementation and fortification of products like dairy beverages can play a key role.

In fact, dairy fortification is an opportunity that applies to all consumers, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has put increasing emphasis on immune health. For example, vitamins A, D and E are gaining popularity for their immunity benefits, and manufacturers are taking note. Which is why in Europe alone, some 10% of all dairy drink launches in 2020 featured an immune health claim related to vitamins4.

Meanwhile the growth in demand for probiotics continues apace. A recent study by DSM found that 36% of consumers associate probiotics with immune health, with 60% now consuming probiotics to some extent5 - especially in yogurt drinks (47% of consumers who buy probiotic products are choosing yogurt drinks, far more than those who get their probiotics from supplements (33%)6.

Strong solutions for every fortification challenge

For all these nutritional challenges, we have the solution at DSM. Not only do we know the dairy industry inside-out (having supported the segment for decades); we’re also one of the world’s leading vitamin manufacturers. It means that we have the expertise, capabilities and ingredients to fortify your dairy beverages with vitamins and nutrients like DSM’s life’sOMEGA range, which also includes a sustainably sourced, plant-based alternative to traditional omega-3s sourced from fish oil. We can even work with you to fortify your beverages with probiotics, through our DelvoPro® strains that enable digestive health and immunity-supporting label claims.

In fact, our experts are now designing entirely new concepts in this segment: for example, FitAge – an easy-to-drink UHT milk beverage concept designed to support eye and brain health for consumers in later in life (and containing our life’s™OMEGA omega-3, Quali® vitamins D and B12 and GELLANEER™ gellan gum). Another example is in fermented yogurt drinks, where our lactose-free prototype, #StayStrong, is fortified with L. paracasei and vitamins A, D and E for optimal support of the immune system.

Through the combination of our broad portfolio and expertise, we offer a complete solution, from production to fortification. Importantly, our solutions achieve this without you or consumers having to compromise on taste and texture of their dairy drinks. Now you can help them enjoy their moment of indulgence by using our broad portfolio of hydrocolloids cultures and other ingredients to make this a reality.

Supporting you every step of the way

Supporting dairy manufacturers doesn’t end there. We understand first-hand the need to create these delicious and nutrition beverages in a fast, efficient and sustainable way. That’s why in addition to in-depth application, formulation and technical expertise we help our dairy customers with everything from regulatory and quality management processes to shortening product development cycles and getting innovative products to market quickly.

Ultimately, we know that pleasing consumers and balancing all these complex needs isn’t an easy job. But with our complete solution for fortified dairy beverages, now you really can enjoy it all.


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Published on
13 June 2022

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