Fueling the future of lactose-free: Consumer insights from Spain

Demand for lactose-free dairy is on the rise around the world, and especially so in Spain. So, what can Spanish dairy producers do to better serve this growing market? Our latest report reviews new research into what consumers are looking for from their lactose-free dairy in Spain.

For many consumers, lactose-free dairy still has a long way to go with regards to product variety. Worldwide, we have seen a consistent trend in terms of a desire for increased variety of lactose-free products — and consumers in Spain are no different.

Half of those interviewed live in households where somebody is intolerant to lactose and are responsible for buying lactose-free products; the other half habitually buy and consume lactose-free products despite not being diagnosed with a lactose intolerance. Out of the non-lactose intolerant consumers surveyed, 75% prefer lactose-free dairy because it is easier to digest and healthier.

"Over the last year it seems that there has been a surge in more lactose-free products, but they are still rather expensive with very little variety." - Parent of lactose-intolerant child

Consumers seek lactose-free alternatives for cakes and pastries, ready meals, meat products, desserts and confectionery, and yogurts. Although these lactose-free alternatives are available, the variety is very limited in terms of products and flavors. And while the flavors and textures of existing products are very well produced in Spain, consumers still seek products that resemble the real version more closely.

Food Fact

According to Euromonitor, the lactose-free dairy market in Western Europe is predicted to have almost tripled by 2021 to €2.3 million, compared with €860,000 in 2012.

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Published on

17 February 2019